How do you capture the time
between spaces
to hold the minutes
in your hands

when your hands
are the sieves
that leave no traces
& the minutes
are grains of sand

© May 2016
Renee Espriu

Image Taken From Morgue File & Digitized by Myself




The words follow me like the words
from the lyrics of a Pied Piper song
amused that I can’t seem to pull
them from their hiding place long
in a Pandora’s poetry box of rhyme

They dance through my mind as notes
as the music keeps playing again
and again always laughing at my effort
to trap them still pearls of wisdom
formed by the ocean’s sand a vision

Perhaps if I remain very still
like a mime I always portray to be
the Pied Piper will stop playing
whilst the pearls break free of the sand
my words a wordsmiths’ render I will see

© April 2016
Renee Espriu

Image Taken From Morgue File & Digitized by Myself

Illusive Words

I wanted to post something so very touching to me that it surpasses all the cards not received in the mail, all the frustration that life gives and all the doubt that I tend to hold onto, with the nagging question…”am I loved, am I cared about”. For, although, I have been told those things hundreds of times over the years I am like so many people in this world. I need reminded that it is true and that there are those who hold me in regard. My daughter sent this text to me when I was having one of those days filled with questions. It has been a long recovery from open heart surgery and for one who did not have to frequent doctor’s offices, it has been difficult at times. I recently spent three days in the hospital due to an upper GI bleed. The new heart valve that has given me life requires blood thinners in order for it to keep doing so so it is a tenuous balance. She has reminded me once again that I have made a difference no matter the questions I have.

© Misha Cruz

Your art and words are you. And you in return me. You gave me the wonderful gift of artful words. Without you I would only have my father’s numbers and angles. You have made me complete. And as you love all the positive nature that is within me…you must know that it is within you. Because I am also you.

Sweet dreams mama.

Image Taken From Morgue & Digitized by Myself

rose red

Mother’s day is coming soon but with such beautifully painted words as these I don’t have to wait for I have the knowing that I am in my daughter’s heart every day. I hope all mothers know, like I do, that it is not just once a year that you are loved and cared for. I gave my daughter life but she continues to nourish my life every day.

The black curtain of night
draws closed at the end of day
like a chemist at work
the Wordsmith dreams

her Muse sits watching
waiting for a slurry of words
to nudge her with urgency

so inspiration will come
she can give to the Wordsmith
who is trying to capture
the letters transparent

as they appear like woven
silken vibrant threads from
the illusive silk worm
threads strong, unbreakable

like obstinate children
not wanting to form words

they remain recalcitrant
in their need to remain
separate from one another
letters after all

the Wordsmith dreams
her Muse still waiting
for the letters to
coalesce into words

© March 2016
Renee Espriu

Image Taken From Morgue File & Digitized by Myself

color bubbles





Visages of the sunset
diffused into the light
sun rays to be missed
a subtle kiss of color
of pink & purple hues

Days run on together
seamless as life joined
stitched close together
soft as feathered thread
black as that of night

Dawn rises out of mourning
thread broken by the sun
bird song calls attention
to mention winged flight
pursuant of a new day

© February 2016
Renee Espriu

Image Taken From Morgue File and Digitized by Myself






Blue skies & concrete planters
with trees & a watchful heart
that reaches out to touch me
to bring me close to its’ warmth

Loving hands with healing that
reach beyond skyscrapers
& miles of city life to hold me
in the embrace of their passion

Nesting birds asking for handouts
with chattering unable to overcome
the voice that calls to me from
a moment in which to hold me safe

People coming and going to ride
the moving stairs always in motion
& anyone of them could be
that one who waits for me always

Lost feathers from tiny birds remind
me of life changes that flutter in
the breeze, of changes bringing two
hearts together in a journey to embrace

© 1998 Renee Espriu

I was cleaning out yet another box of things to be either discarded or kept and came across this very old piece of prose. I wrote this to my partner of nearly 19 years now. It helps me to remember why we remain together through her struggle with cancer, now in remission, and my ultimate emergent open heart surgery to replace my heart valve. This was written long before my first real computer or the ability to access the internet to create this blog. I am still recovering and going through many life changes and hope to be more active on this site and to visit others in the near future.

A lifetime of searching
where the road
meets the horizon

A lifetime of searching
where the thunderous waterfall
meets the glen below

A lifetime of searching
I am standing on the precipice
seeing the blanket of forest
without ever falling

A lifetime of searching &
to behold life; a glimpse of it
seeing each child born

A lifetime of searching
seeing each bud burst into bloom
each leaf unfurl into green

A lifetime of searching
waiting for life to penetrate
barriers of wall
that are enclosing me

A lifetime of searching
yearning for its’ expanse
waiting for the moment

A lifetime of searching
knowing the moment will come
my moment of joy

© January 2016
Renee Espriu

Image Taken From Morgue File & Digitized by Myself



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