the future
a time for

the past
the same

the present
a bridge
in between

© September 2015

Renee Espriu


the darkness of the night enfolds you
trying to hide you in its’ shadows
as i see you there within its’ curtain
answering my call to come to me
covering me soft with angel’s wings

the nights wore on and you were there
calling you  in a time of urgency
the night a cover with moonbeam light
revealing the many layers of your love

transcending time’s clockwork hands
now yours’ tenderly holding onto mine
touching my fevered face and brow
distance becoming a grain of sand
the night your warm embrace

© August 2015
Renee Espriu

During the many weeks of being ill and feeling as though I were alone I believed that my mother was there with me. Odd though it may seem death is not really a separation from those we love.

Image Taken From Morgue File & Digitized Time and Distance

sitting here at the computer
heat radiating off my skin
like waves off asphalt street
thinking about my luck

my daughter says it’s
on the upswing…and really
what does that word mean

not a gambler this one
at least not ‘black jack’
or casino ‘slot machines’
have never won anything

i remember hiking years gone
‘tail end charley’ was me
stopping to catch my breath
in the hot afternoon sun

everything around me enchanting
from tiny lizards, chipmunks
to pebbles in a swift stream

bad lungs…i thought…meaning
to catch up but never could
took in the scenery instead
would reach the top eventually

my heart works better now
with new hardware installed
lungs filling with air power-ful

is my luck on the upswing…really
what could it seem to mean
in the scheme of things
i’ve still never won anything

© July 2015
Renee Espriu

Image Taken From Morgue File & Digitized


width=”660″ height=”513″ />

searching space between children
as they run and play outside
eyes bright, laughter palpable
shorts and tops move with them
small feet seeming not
to touch the ground

memory senses a young girl
brown skinned with dark brown curls
touching her shoulders and face
as play becomes life
in the California sun

if I look close enough
i see her dimly in the space
between the children at play
waving her hand boldly
she beckons to me
to come home once again

© July 2015 Renee Espriu Children Statues Photo Taken From Morgue File & Digitized

the day moves slowly
thick like humidity of the day
the quiet fairly undoes me
feeling strange in its’ presence
touching my muse lightly
like the faint tinkling
of a tiny bell

barely swelling to loudness
just there at my shoulder
touch, touch, touching me
softly…like a fairy
amused at my being undone

so it goes the day lingers
my muse listens with me
to music from the radio
calmly waiting for me to respond
as the quiet undoes me
creative crescendo gone

© July 2015
Renee Espriu

File Taken From Morgue File & Digitized


sitting at the picnic table
with all but her tiny terrier
water splashing quietly
against large boulders
holding up the bay wall

she notices but takes no notice
of people walking briskly
behind her up and down
waterfront of a weekend

blending as they do into scenery
large and small dogs on leashes
chattering of words unheard
bicycles with their riders
walkers ear phones on heads

a community of wearied others
looking for calm solace
or gathering of sameness
to make sense of everything

strolling an infant sleeping
divers commune together
some in wet suits…some not
a man heading to the pier
fishing pole in hand

a breeze touches her face
her focus on water fairly still
boats passing here, now gone
it is all in life’s fare

© July 2015
Renee Espriu

Image Taken From Morgue File and Digitized
large boulders

a marine layer of air
hangs moist around her
the small terrier mix
walking quickly
past front yard gardens

wild pink roses silently
amassed are cascading
to drape a barren sidewalk
she steps around them
a picturesque moment

a patriotic bannered window
momentarily disrupts
her feet taking her past
beneath evergreen trees
a breeze gently blowing

symbols dot the landscape
the relevance of choices made
she quickly makes note
a part of her morning
as she passes moving on

© July 2015
Renee Espriu

Images Taken From Morgue File and Digitized

Symbols One


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